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"Several type of humor"  

scoupe42 56M  
3276 posts
2/9/2020 11:53 am

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2/10/2020 7:21 pm

"Several type of humor"

Who has a sense of humor? I hope we all do. There are some who don't see the humor is some times. I feel bad for you! It's just humor! While other see humor in almost anything,. This is good. How's about some black humor and some political humor?

author51 57F  
88393 posts
2/10/2020 12:18 am

Thanks for sharing the smiles my friend..Happy Monday.....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

scoupe42 replies on 2/10/2020 1:54 pm:
Hi my friend, thx for viewing.

Tmptrzz 57F  
74981 posts
2/9/2020 2:28 pm

Scoupe, oh my friend you really out did yourself today with these humorous MEMEs.. thanks for making my afternoon.. I hope your enjoying a peaceful day my friend..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scoupe42 replies on 2/9/2020 2:40 pm:
Hi Temp, glad you like them.

Paulxx001 62M  
15286 posts
2/9/2020 1:50 pm

ok. I was in a fucked mood.
Meth lab? FFS... 😂❗
Yeah.. ok... I'll lighten up... 👍👍👍😎

... is there another way to look at it.
Coincidence... or destiny The Bench

scoupe42 replies on 2/9/2020 2:10 pm:
I'm Glad! Thx for viewing

scoupe42 56M  
8234 posts
2/9/2020 12:03 pm

19 years ago, an episode of "The Simpsons' predicted that Donald Trump would one day become U.S. President.

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