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Thoughts and Questions on Younger Women
Posted:Aug 14, 2019 5:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2019 3:06 pm

Somewhat new to the website and I seem to get - 20 emails a from women from all over the country, and from outside the country itself. You can always tell the posers that list themselves in your city (or close by, or they'll "be visiting soon") but it is obvious that English is not their first language and once you start talking to them, it becomes clear that they're outside the US and hoping to use you for a Green .

Sure, we all think back to our 20's when sex with hotties was the norm. But now, 65, and although I'd love to have a hottie I have to reflect on what it will , both in terms of wealth and psycho-social currency as well.

First, I find that the attraction for a twenty- or thirty-something is almost always about what I can do for them financially. Yes, there are the " babies" and, least, by declaring themselves one, they're upfront about it. That said, I find that most women, that tell me they want to be with me, want to live in the nice house, drive the Mercedes, and wear designer clothing, but will not contribute anything to the relationship financially to make that happen. Come on ladies. As a protected , women talk about being strong and independent and you all want to celebrate that, but how many of you are about the big diamond ring and finding a man to take care of you? Does that do your cause for recognition and respect any good?

On my 18th birthday my father told me he was going to need rent for my room... that, or I could get out. I got a job and started understanding that nobody in this world was going to hand me anything. Anything of value in my life was going to come from my own labor. Do women actually think this way as well?

I did a little bit of an experiment on a more traditional dating website a couple of years ago. I established two profiles. On this particular website, they asked for your occupation and annual income. I put out the same profile description, and mostly the same pictures on both profiles. On one profile I listed I was in the medical field (true) and my income as over $250,000/year (true) and included a picture with me and my airplane (yes, I own an airplane), and another of me in surgical scrubs. On the other profile I left those two pictures out and listed my income as $80,000/year and listed my occupation as working with computers (I actually did this in a former life). Take a guess which profile got times the of responses, and not just from women. The profile with less income and no hint that a surgeon and a private pilot got no responses from anyone the age of 35 and very few the age of 40.

The second issue with dating women more than two decades from my age is, what do we do when we're not in the bedroom? I have no idea what a 25 year old woman thinks, or how to relate to her. Just ask my twenty-something daughters. Relationships need commonality to survive over a long term. What common ground do you, as a 25 year old woman, think you have with a 65 year old man?

Thus, I ask you women. Is all of the talk from the women on "The View", and "The Talk", and by Oprah and others about empowering women to take control of their own lives so they can be strong and independent just BS? Do you always to your man for support? Would you be interested in a decent looking man whose a good person that is 30 to 40 years older than you are if you had to support him or if you were equal partners?

Please, don't label as a hater. I am anything but. I have had some amazing women in my life, women I've loved and respected. And, I have two amazing daughters. I just have to ask if, as a , does willingness by a large of women, in this and age, to be financially dependent on a man, rather than to just to him for love and emotional support help you as a ?

Finally, I understand that you can't lump all in one basket. There are some ladies there that are truly into older men and are attracted to "" types. There are also women there that really want to be an equal partner in their mate's life. I hope I can find one.

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