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Posted:Sep 22, 2019 3:13 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

The glistening moonlight, softly reflected off a slow flowing creek, shining up through the trees moisture covered leaves. Each droplet catching its light at a different angle, the creation of a unique rainbow for a personal viewing, almost as if Angels had descended to create this magical scene as you lay there under the trees. Your body aglow from that light catching through the droplets that have fallen upon you, a prismatic glow surrounding as an aura of your beauty. Anyone coming across this scene would certainly consider you one of the Angels that had descended. Your soft skin highlighting the multitude of colours surrounding you, that aura enhancing every curve of your body, saturating your soul with an essence of awe.
As you move your hands and arms the droplets begin slowly running their course over your body, the soft moonlight glistening through them making every movement seem like a magical wand has been waved through the air. Your mind taking in every flicker of light wonders if this is what it would be like to be an Angel.
Then you hear as if reading your mind, that whisper in your ear,”Your glowing aura is as angelic as ever, My Angel.”
Would you be?
Posted:Jul 31, 2019 3:49 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

You are the light to my darkness,
The first ray of light shining over the horizon each morning,
The last ray of light as nights darkness falls.
You are a shining beacon when I'm lost,
The shining star first to show in the nights darkness,
The last shining star as dawn arises.
You are the wave rocking my heart,
The first wave of an early morning lifting its beat,
The last wave calming and carrying it softly to shore.
You are the wind to my soul,
The wind that lifts it high into the clouds,
The wind that caresses softly across it.
You are the gasp in my breath,
The gasp that escapes from your touch,
The gasp from the look in your eye,
The gasp from your sweet words.
You are the anchor to my love,
The anchor holding it strong,
The anchor keeping it secure,
The anchor keeping it safe.
You are the essence of my mind,
The essence holding my thoughts,
The essence inspiring my mind,
The essence expanding it.
You are my Princess, my Goddess, my Angel, my Sexy.
You are my Heart, my Soul, my Mind and my Body.
You are My Everything.*
Butterfly or a metaphor hmmm
Posted:Jul 28, 2019 1:18 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

Have you ever watched a butterfly,
Not just the beautifully coloured ones that float through your eyesight and then are gone,
Some butterflies are classed as plain compared others but all have their own uniqueness of beauty,
Have you watched as they first emerge as the caterpillar, all new the world,
Watched as they’ve begun their journey, the struggle they have at times reach their destination,
Have you watched as they climb the leaves, fall and have start again,
Did you feel the pride in their courage when they righted themselves and began again,
Reached a helping hand right them when you see them about fall again.
Felt the urge cheer when they finally conquer their first hurdle,
The warmth and pride in their success.
Have you watched them as they begin spin their cocoon, wrapping themselves up for self protection.
Have you stood guard over them while they are transforming,
Protecting them from the many unwanted predators, checking on their protective cocoon to ensure they are well and secure.
Have you watched in wonderment and awe as they begin to break away their cocoon, to emerge as the most amazing butterfly, watching them spread their beautiful wings for the first time.
A beauty as soft as silk captured in your eye and heart,
Have you felt the skip in your hearts beat as you upon this amazing creature you have watched since its creation.
Have you taken in every bit of its uniqueness, felt the admiration for its beauty.
Have you watched as they’ve taken their first flight, felt the joy of seeing them take that leap of faith for the first time on their own.
Have you felt the love, when as if knowing you were watching over them, they softly land upon your skin, like the softest of kisses touching deep within.
Have you felt the sadness as they have flown off, to continue their evolved journey, not knowing if they’ll return.
Felt that sadness become pride, knowing they are strong enough to survive, for they have shown you their courage and bravery to evolve.
Have you felt the lust after, each time you see a butterfly, “is it her”, has she seen all she wanted to in her life and chosen you.
I hope everyone takes the time to watch a butterfly evolve,
And remember every butterfly is unique in its own way, so all should Be cherished, admired, protected and loved, for you never know when they may fly away.

My rambling mind lol but I hope some get the jist lol.
Posted:Jul 28, 2019 1:15 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

Shall I make you Mine,
Slowly over time,
Show you my force,
Direct from hearts source,
Entrance you with my will,
Like an addictive pill,
Give your desired pain,
Flesh marked like a stain,
Hold you in your place,
While I undo your lace.
Shall I make you Mine,
All in good time,
Take the worries of your mind,
Before they unwind,
Catch the wind in your ear,
As I whisper near,
Softly seduce your flesh,
As we both mesh,
My protection abide,
As you walk by my side,
Your inner heart captured,
Never be ruptured,
Shall I make you Mine,
For All lifes Time.
Shall I make you Mine,
Till the end of Time.
Posted:Jul 28, 2019 1:14 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

Will you make me Yours,
Even for just an instant.
Will you strengthen my resolve,
As we evolve,
Feel my pain,
share again,
Release my pain,
As you would remove a stain,
Take my hand,
And make a stand.
Will you make me Yours,
For more than just an instant,
Take my heart hold,
If you would be so bold,
Take away its cold,
A warmth behold,
Capture my mind,
Yours unwind.
Would you make me Yours,
For all time,
Embracing my souls essence,
Relishing in its presence,
Hold it in your embrace,
Never let it race,
Would you take my Love,
Floating upon wings of a Dove,
Would I be Yours,
Forever till time Ends.
Steamy or not
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 10:32 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 3:17 pm

*Her body was aching for his touch, the blood running through her veins was boiling with the lust she felt for him. Yet she had never met him, but all her mind could think of was how exactly steamy things could get with him inside touching distance. She had experienced his amazing written talents, as she pondered on those thoughts her body began to ache more, in lust to find if he was even half as good as his words.
Today was the day she was going to find if her lust was warranted or not. She had invited him to meet for coffee and see if, in person he was as alluring as his words had become. In preparation to meeting she had steeled herself to not letting her body take control, she was going to use her mind to control the urges and mentally sift through his words and decide if he was compatible with what her desires were.
Setting off to the coffee shop, she had decided to arrive early so his entrance could be observed as well as to give her lustful urges time to be controlled. Making herself comfortable she sat and waited for his message to say he had arrived, it wasn't long before the message was received, he was early too. She watched for him from her vantage point, eager to see his approach. He soon came around the corner from the carpark, "Mmmmmm not too bad, no Adonis but ok" her mind thinks. Her womanly parts moistening and aching as her eyes peruse over him, "Hmmmm nice legs, broad shoulders, strong arms and a mischievous smile" her eyes think as they survey him, the smile from when he approaches her is definitely mischievous. "I wonder what's going through his mind" her thoughts lingering.
Introducing himself, he leans down to give a brief kiss to her cheek, her body almost instantly taking over, her moistness instantly increasing ten fold, her legs giving a little quiver of excitement. Glad that he hadn't given her the opportunity to stand for the introduction now, for she may have stumbled, her mind ponders on how such a soft brush of lips on her cheek could have such an instant affect, as he takes his seat across from her. Her mind forcing her body to behave, they begin their chatting, nothing over the top just a few innuendos tossed around, from both of them. Her mind is amazed at how comfortable she feels sitting talking to him, all her preservations disappearing by the minute, he has been very polite and even with the odd innuendo he hasn't said anything untoward. Her mind is now beginning to ache in lust for him as well, which is setting her body back in motion, the ache deep within her groin is growing, she can feel the wetness of her panties, the tingle of hardness in her nipples growing, feeling like they are about to push out through her soft blouse. Biting the corner of her lip, trying to control the urge to just lean over and lay a kiss on him like she has never kissed anyone before.
As if sensing her frustrations, he asks if she would like to take a stroll before their meet ends. Still unsure if she will stumble or not on standing, she hesitantly accepts his hand as they stand, "Ohhhh that strong hand" her mind screams as it grips hers, her knees feeling a little weak she does stumble a little into him, his arm is quickly holding her up. Her mind again screaming as she looks up into his blue endearing eyes as he helps her to straighten up, "Ohhhh those arms", feeling their strength though only briefly has her mind and body now trembling in lust. Her mind has forgotten everything else, her surroundings, the people around, her eyes see nothing but his everything else is a blur. She wants him, mind body and soul She wants Him and Now.*
Her mind still reeling in want for this man as his strong arms assist her in straightening up, all else but his presence is a blur as they leave. Her daze of lust causing her mind to be unable to remember how they reached the park down the road, all it can remember is the feel of her hand in his as they walked, the soft strength it had holding hers. Those soft blue eyes that her own had not been able to look away from the entire blurred excursion to the park. His voice seeming to come from a distance as he spoke to her, every word hanging in the air as if for an eternity before they sank deep into her mind. The wanting and lust for him ever increasing with every step. Time seemed held in place as they strolled around the park, her mind making her responses to his questions autonomously without hesitation, answers that she would never normally tell anyone. "Does he know what control he has over me already", her mind thinks as she can feel her need for him growing extreme. "Does He", her mind screams as his hand moves up to softly brush the hair from her eyes, "Your eyes are way to beautiful to be covered by hair", his distant voice seeps in. That lust and want driving her mind and body to quiver in response, she can feel her wetness almost gushing from her loins, an ache in her heart to have him "Forever".
His hand releasing hers sending an ache of longing for it back instantly to her core but the brush of it across her hip as he bends past her to pick a flower, sends an ache to her loins like she has never felt before. Her mind and body in turmoil as he brushes back her hair and places the flower above her ear, "A beautiful flower for a beautiful lady". Her heart seeming to jump a few beats at his endearing words, "Does he know how much I want him", her mind wonders, "Or is he too good to be true". The struggle in her mind and body heightening when his hands cup her cheeks and his soft lips gently kiss her forehead. Her head spinning, her knees go weak again, his hands quickly gripping her hips holding her up and against him to steady her. Looking into his eyes again, seeing his smiling at her, her mind screams "He has to Know!! I want him, is he teasing me". Regaining her composure they begin their stroll again, his arm wrapped around her waist, the feeling of his hand resting on her hip driving her body to new levels of ecstasy that she never new was possible from just a touch.
Again her mind embroiled in his presence and her lust for him, the has become a waking dream. Her mind faltering from the dream when his question sinks in, "Where are you parked Gorgeous", her mind having trouble answering as it lingered on the way he called her "Gorgeous". Having not realised they were back the carpark already, it seemed like only minutes had passed by. Answering his question, he holds her still close to him as his voice drifts across to her, "Well my gorgeous lady I had better you there, wouldn't want you stumbling on the way and hurting yourself", his smile while saying it encompassing his eyes almost make her stumble there and then again, except for that strong arm holding her firm. She had parked in the lower undercover carpark, in a far corner as when she had arrived it was the only one left, now it was almost empty. On noticing the emptiness, her mind is wondering on exactly how long they have been away, when they reach her car. Turning her to him as they arrive, looking into her eyes" So gorgeous, do you think there is something we can work on". "Something we can work on. God yes I want You!!" Her voice stumbles , her mind surprised by the bluntness of the words that escaped her lips and didn't stay in her head.
" Well, you know I have nothing I can give you , no material things, all I have is my time and myself to give Gorgeous, would that be enough for you."
"Ohhhh yes. All I want is You!!." Her voice stammers, she had been wanting to scream it since they began their stroll. His arm pulling her in close as his lips move to meet hers, soft yet firm lips passionately kissing hers. Her body shaking with her lust as the sensation of his kiss hits her mind. A hand moving to cup and squeeze her arse as they kiss, his lips moving up her neck to her ear as his hand moves around to slowly slide up her skirt, rubbing her saturated panties into her throbbing clit. His voice in her ear "Now you are Mine! And so is this." He says as his fingers push aside her panties and rub directly on her clit. Those words and their effect amaze her, with them her spoken her already saturated pussy gushes like it has never done before. " Mmmmm that's a Good " his voice whispers into her ear, her knees weakening again as she orgasms instantly, her mind full of surprise on how those words made her feel, nothing she has ever experienced before. Her juices flowing freely, she can almost hear them gushing in response to his words and his fingers attention to her swollen clit. The way he slowly ran them up either side of it, bringing them together and firmly squeezing before moving them in a circular motion holding her clit between them. Her body against the side of her car helping her control her balance as the emotions and sensations begin to take over, feeling his body holding her, his hardened cock pressing against her hip for the first time causing a moan of lust to escape her lips, "And that now belongs to You!, Gorgeous", his words reverberate in her ear. Again her mind reels in amazement at the affect his words have to her mind and body, her saturated pussy exploding all over his fingers again. Surrendering her body and mind to his is something she thought would never happen and definitely not so quick. She then spoke the words she had wanted to say before but never had, "Please Sir!, take Me." "Please Sir! May I taste you."
His voice while looking deep into her eyes, very calming and amazingly arousing to her "Mmmmm My Good , take what you want, like the good little princess you want to be." Her mind screaming "Ohhhh my fucking God", she can't believe the response her body had to those words, especially after having never heard them said to her before. Her eagerness overwhelming her she is quickly on her knees, eye level with his groin. Her pussy gushing at the sight as she releases his hard thick cock from its confines, it is quickly covered by the saliva of her wanting mouth. His hand gripping the hair on the back of her head and pulling her mouth off it, "Don't be so eager Gorgeous, savour it, taste every bit of it", his voice settling her eagerness. Guiding his cock into her mouth slowly, her tongue flicking around its head before it presses past her enclosing lips, taking his words in she concentrates and can feel every ripple and bump in its shaft as it pass between her lips, the pulsing of blood through its prominent vein, the sensation of it completely filling her mouth. Her pussy aching for it, jealous of her mouth feeling every bit of it as she is slowly given free rein to run her lips and tongue along it however she likes, she was enjoying and amazed by how the sensation of feeling every bump and ripple made her feel and by his moans of appreciation, how it made him feel. Her hand gripping its shaft just above his smooth balls occasionally stroking it full length between running her lips up and down its shaft, feeling it throb on her tongue each time it filled her mouth. Her other hand gently pulling and massaging his balls as her mouth works it's magic. His moaning increasing her eagerness to please him and her wanting to have him inside her. As if realising her want for him, his hand grip her and lift her, standing in front him her pussy flooding its juices down her inner thighs, she wants him like no one before. His lips kissing hers as his hands undo her blouses buttons, reaching round and undoing her bra, releasing her amazing tits the air, her nipples hard almost stinging from their hardness.
His hands cupping and squeezing their soft flesh, gripping, twisting and pulling her hard nipples. His hard thick cock pressing against her driving her body wild in her wanting of it. "PLEASE SIR, Can I have you" she almost screams, his smile returning as he says "Lovely manners my little princess, do you want my cock in your little pussy, hmmmm", "Yes Please" her voice escapes as he bites her hard tingling nipples. His hands gripping her waist, turning her around, bending her onto her car as he lifts her skirt, ripping her panties from her body. Her pussy gushing as she feels his cock rub over her clit, teasing her pussies entrance,the feeling as if her pussy lips are moving trying to grip it and pull it overwhelming her in her need to have him, "PLEASE SIR, FUCK YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS.", comes in an almost growl. His chuckle as she says the last word and the feeling of his hard thick pulsing cock filling her saturated pussy at that instant, sends her body into a leg shaking quiver as her body looses control, her pussy lips quivering around his cock as her body convulse in the most earth shattering orgasm of her life. Her juices squirting from her body for the first time as his cock plunges firmly,deeply inside her wanting pussy. Her senses heightened beyond her imagination, she can feel that every ripple,bump and pulse from his cock inside her, with every stroke her pussy wants more. Mixed with the sensation of his hands squeezing and pulling her nipples, occasionally pinching and slapping her arse hard, her mind is lost, not knowing what sensation is driving her the wildest, all she knows is she has Him and she is now His "Forever". Exploding again at that thought, hearing his moans of ecstasy she wants to feel his explosion. She needs to feel it, shocked when he denies her that sensation by removing his cock from her wanting pussy. Strong hands are suddenly spinning her again and lifting her onto her car, laying her back and spreading her legs wide. Then there is that amazing sensation of his cock entering her again, these hands working their magic on her , now extremely sensitive tits. Looking up she sees his eyes, they lock together as his cock plunges deep inside her, her body feeling every sensation of it. Her wanting and lust for him being fulfilled, her body reaching heights never before reached, her mind pondering as she looks deep into his gaze if things could get any better. Then in answer to her pondering, their eyes locked, " for my Princess", are all the words spoken, her body responding instantly, she wants to, For Him and only Him. Amazed again by words never before spoken to her, this time her body and mind convulse in pleasure exploding all over his cock just as she feels his convulsion and spasm, giving her his explosion, all the time their eyes locked together.
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Posted:Jul 26, 2019 10:30 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2019 3:43 am

She knew she was in trouble the moment she entered the room, the growl escaping between his teeth, as his hand closed around her throat seemed to come all the way from that demon hidden deep within him, told her that."How dare you" entered her ears, barely distinguishable through his growl as his hand around her throat tightened and pushed her against the wall, almost lifting her off the ground."Are you happy now" his voice growled, her body pinned to the wall, her straining to stand on tippy toes."I told you to never say anything" the words barely audible to her ears as her body trembles in response to his harsh treatment, his hand wraps itself in her hair as he pulls her down onto her knees, his belt and pants are already unfastened as if he had been preparing for their confrontation. His hand undoes his fly and pushes the front of his pants down, allowing his engorged manhood to escape in all its glory. Although her body is trembling in fright she is instantly wet at the site of his manhood, "take this" his voice growls as his hand wrapped in her hair pushes her onto his swollen manhood. Having no choice her mouth encloses around it as his hand guides her onto and off it, becoming more forceful with each movement, pushing her hard against his groin ensuring his manhood reaches the back of her throat. Tears begin to stream down her cheeks from the force, she herself can't tell if she is crying or sobbing from his emotions or her gagging on his manhood as it is forced fully into her throat and held there until she is struggling to breath." Maybe this will teach you not to say what you did" is growled at her as her head is pulled back as far as it will go, her hair straining against her scalp, as he looks deep into her eyes,"Ohhhh you think this is it, so wrong. Not by a long way" his voice rasps as he looks into those tear soaked eyes.
Dragged to her feet again by her hair, his free hand moves to start ripping her clothes off, through the viciousness of his tugging her mind is thankful she had only worn her tube top and a short skirt. Her tube top lay torn on the floor, her skirt is soon to follow, now naked except for her skimpiest set of lace panties. She can feel his breathe on her cool sweaty skin as he pulls her head to the side sinking his teeth into the soft skin at the base of her neck. She is amazed how wet she feels through the trembling fear and how much wetter she is getting as his biting moves down her body to her supple firm tits, her gasp that escapes her trembling lips is near a scream, as she feels his teeth sink into her hardened nipple and tug on it. While this surprisingly amazing pain is washing over her body, her lace panties are ripped apart and removed from her body. Her legs are forced apart and his hand moves between them rubbing over her saturated pussy.
Again she is forced against the wall, this time his hands hook around her legs and lift her up the wall as they spread her open then lowering her back down until his hard throbbing cock is pushing inside her, rather viciously as he lifts her and then drops her back onto it. "You","Will","Never","Say","That","Again", his voice growls with every vicious drop of her body onto his thrusting cock. She feels as if her bodies juices are flowing like a hose, amazing herself at how wet she has become, yet frightened by it at the same time. The vicious thrusting up and down against the wall is soon all he can take as he growls between his teeth and she feels his throbbing cock spasm inside her, mixing his flowing juices with hers. She is then dropped to the floor, "he is definitely upset" her mind thinks for he normally always held off until she had exploded first, this time it wasn't even a consideration. Crumpled naked on the floor still trembling, she hears his voice as he is leaving the room " You will never tell anyone, that you have me wrapped around your little finger again, Will You"
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Voyeur or not
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 4:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

As they walked along the sand, hands wrapped within each other’s, enjoying the suns warmth and the sound of waves gently crashing upon the shore. The soft sea breeze giving just enough reprieve from the sands emanating heat.
His hands softly squeezing and directing her with his path to sit upon the top of a sand hill, placing a towel done to sit upon and enjoy the scene before them.
He motions for her to sit between his legs, her body facing the crashing waves, softly leaning back into him.
Relaxing into his arms as they watch the waves rolling in, the shore all but deserted except for a few surfers relaxing after their thrashing a few waves.
As her eyes catch one of the surfers stretching , she cheekily looks up him, “Hmmmm now that’s a body”.
“Ohhhh, is that right! Babe” he cheekily says back. “Well your Voyeur side is definitely at work today, I see.”
“Ok we’ll give that side of you a little experience will we, babe.” He says as he pulls her back into him, his hands cupping and caressing her soft breasts as he does.
“Ok, now close your eyes babe.”
“Why?” She softly asks, softly sighing as she enjoys the way his seemingly rough hands always had the softest touch on her skin.
“You trust don’t you babe, to take your mind on an adventure, along your voyeur interests?”
“Ohhhh yes Sir, I trust you but how can you take on a voyeur adventure if my eyes are closed?” She responds softly.
“Well my sweet , it’s a form of visualisation, with a touching twist. Are you game to try?”
“Ohhhh yes please Sir.”
“Ok but firstly, you have to promise to keep your eyes closed and just let your mind hear my words, Ok?”
“Yes I Promise!” She says with a little almost giggle.
“If you don’t, you know I’ll stop and then you’ll be in trouble.”
“Yes Ok.” She sheepishly replies, as she leans back into him more, her bodies arousal levels already heightened by his caress of her now hardened nipples. His hands and fingers working their magic her loose blouse.
“Ok, before we begin. Check the surfers. Ok now close your eyes. Good . Now I want you to imagine, see it within your mind, the one or however many you chose, looking up the beach you. Their tanned, ripped bodies, the droplets of water left from their surf slowly running down their powerful chests, pooling a little at their nipples before silently dropping to swirl down their tanned pack abs, catching and gathering at the waist of their tight board shorts. Can you see their cocks beginning to swell the front of their shorts.”
“Mmmmm yes sir.” She softly moans.
“Ok, now as they reach you, can you feel their presence, can you feel the surge of sexual tension in the air.” His words softly reaching into her mind as she feels his fingers slide down the front of her pants, running between her moist lips to gently rub her swelling clit.
“See them withdraw their now hard cocks from the confines of their shorts, can you see the veins in them, the heads of their cocks glistening from the water that has run down their bodies.”
“Ohhhh Yes!” Escapes in a soft moan from her lips, just as she feels a finger press against her entrance.
“See their hands gripping the shaft, slowly running up to the heads rim before returning down the shaft. See the veins in them throbbing with each stroke, their hands gripping at the base and them shaking their cocks at you, the beeds of water being thrown from them. Can you feel their hungry eyes upon your body, as hungry as yours are watching them.”
“Ohhhh God!” She stammers as she feels her entrance being spread and entered, a hardened nipple being pinched and pulled at the same time.
“Now, watch them thrust their cocks at you babe as the thrust their hips with their strokes. See the way they vary their stroke as they see your hungry eyes upon them, hear their moans of lust for your body. Can you see their pre emerging, hear their growls of lust.”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” is all that escapes from her lips as she feels more fingers enter her and soft lips caress the most sensitive spot on her neck.
“Do you want them Babe!, do you want their !, do you want to hear the growls from their tanned and muscles bodies as they for You!!”
“Ohhhhh God Yes!!” Escapes from her biting lips as she explodes on his finger.
“Good .” He softly whispers into her ear. “Now open your eyes and enjoy!” He says as she feels him pull away from her.
Opening her eyes she is surprised by the sight before her, the two surfers Are there, with their cocks in hand, she can see their throbbing cocks and hear their moans as they stroke along their hardened shafts.
Her pussy, saturated and aching begins to ache more than it ever has before but she knows she is Sirs alone and he doesn’t like to share, so this must have been a big step for him.

What would you do in this situation?
Secret visitor or not
Posted:Jul 3, 2019 1:46 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

As she lay there naked above the covers, pondering on the disappointment of her night so far. Had she been stood up, it had been more than a few hours since she sent him her address and spoke to him about their arrangements. Frustrated and annoyed she had stripped off and gone to bed to try and sleep off her feeling of unworthiness, her mind wondering as she begins to drift off "Why do I even try, I finally express my true desires to someone and then without word they disappear."*
*Just as her mind is clearing and her body relaxed on the verge of sleep, she feels movement at the base of her bed. Her room being engulfed in darkness from her mood she can't see what is there. Her body tensing in uncertainty, "Who's there" her voice trembles, nothing but silence answers here query. Her body stiffening as she feels a soft touch on her feet, slowly moving up her legs, frightened yet exhilarated at the same time for this was one of her most secret fantasies. Her body still tensed she keeps silent waiting to see what happens next.*
*The soft light tingling touch becomes a firm force as the strange hands reach her thighs, firmly spreading her now trembling legs apart. She can't help but let her gasp of intrepidation escape from between her clenched lips as she feels soft lips begin to softly kiss her inner thigh. She can feel herself instantly moisten at the touch of those lips, amazing herself on how quickly her body has responded to the touch of an unknown force. The soft brushing of those lips gently kissing along her inner thigh has been accompanied now by the odd tracing of a moist tongue flicking across her soft skin. Her body now trembling, not from fear but anticipation of what she hopes will come next from this unknown touch. Her long soft moan of pleasure drowns out all other sounds in the room as her hopes are realised, her moistness becoming saturation as she feels the breath cross her moistened pussies lips, her body almost instantly convulsing as the feeling of those soft lips kissing her now saturated pussy reaches her mind. Her mind in turmoil over how her body is reacting is sent into a spin as her body convulses and orgasms at the first run of the moist tongue slowly pushing between her lips flicking over her entrance as it runs up over her swollen clit, firmly pressing into it as it moves in a circular motion. Her breathing now a pant as her body takes all control away from her mind, her back lifting off the bed as it arches in response to her clit being sucked and gently nibbled, fingers slowly pushing inside her still quivering pussy, she can feel their every movement as they hook back and begin to rub the roof of her saturated pussy. Her body is soon exploding again with the attention of the strange tongue flicking across her throbbing clit and those fingers doing their magic inside her. Her body reacting instinctively with every touch and variance in speed of the strangers tongue and fingers, her mind dazed and confused by her bodies reactions.*
*"Ohhhhh God" loudly escapes her lips as she explodes again, her mind screaming "WHO IS THIS". Firm hands grip her thighs as the tongue and fingers disappear, firmly rolling her onto her stomach and lifting her arse into the air. Once spun over she again feels tjhose fingers, not entering her this time but slowly, firmly running up between her dripping pussies lips, rubbing her now extremely sensitive throbbing clit. She can feel this strange presences movement on the bed as those finger continue their magic. The sensation that goes through her body is pure ecstasy as a hand is slapped across her arse, stinging her soft flesh before the tingle of pain begins to seep in. Her soft arse cheeks being firmly squeezed as she feels what she thinks has to be a mans manhood pressing between her lips pushing against her entrances resistance, "Ohhhhhhhhhh" is her moan as she feels the hard cock push past her resistance slowly pushing inside her wet pussy, her body seeming to feel every part of the strange cock, the feeling of its rim, as her pussy closes over it then tries to hold it from pulling back out. Her mind amazed on how it's as if she can feel every ripple and vein in the strange cock as it slowly re enters her, there's the heads rim, a long thick vein along its shaft, "mmmmmmm" her mind thinks as she feels it's full length inside her.*
*With her sensations heightened the way they were, feeling every slightest part of the strange thick cock penetrating her saturated, dripping pussy her body quickly builds to its climax. "OHHHHH GOD" almost a scream comes from deep inside her as her hair is gripped and pulled back, causing her back to arch, her pussy being pulled back onto the hard cock. "OHHHHH YES", a definite scream now, as her body shakes with the force of her Orgasm, every inch of her body now quivering and shaking in ecstasy.*
*"That's my Good Girl" breaks the silence for the first time from the strange presence. "IT'S HIM" her mind screams.*
Sunset admiration
Posted:Jul 3, 2019 1:37 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2019 3:56 pm

As they sat on the tailgate of his Ute, her sitting between his legs, shoulders leaning back against his chest, his soft warm breath softly caressing her neck. His arms wrapped around her, holding her close and warm. Her mind wandering between the security she felt within his embrace and the admiration of the view before them, the suns golden rays filling the horizon, piercing through soft clouds above changing the last of days light the colour of red. The combination of the two giving her a surreal feeling of peace and security, her body relaxing back into his as if melding into one.
Tilting her head back into his shoulder, looking up into his eyes, her mind ponders, is this it, is this perfection, the sun glinting in his eye as a sparkle seeming to confirm it.
Snuggling back into his embrace she looks deep into his sparkling blue eyes, “Are you going to fuck me now.”, she softly whispers.
“No my sweetness. We are going to enjoy this moment till it ends.” His voice quietly responds, as fingers slowly direct her sight back to the beauty before them. A soft sigh of pure relaxation escaping from her lips as she leans back into him, their cheeks resting softly against each other’s.
As they sit watching the amazing sunset slowly fading away below the horizon she hears his soft whisper in her ear, “This view reminds me of when I first saw and met you, your beauty radiating like the suns glow. Such beauty making my breath catch within my throat, then when you spoke, your voice was like the suns rays shining through the clouds, purely heavenly to my ears. When our hands first rested within each other’s was like feeling the suns warmth for the first time, then when they parted it was like losing the suns warmth as it sets, sending a shiver of lost warmth through my body.”
His strong arms pulling her in closer, his hardened lips softly brushing her cheek, “You are my Sunset Sweetness, You are my Sunrise, You are my everything.”
“Now Sweetness, I’m not going to fuck you, I’m going to make Love to you.””Now and Forever.”

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