Cuck Life  

Sweetal52 62M  
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9/12/2019 10:26 am
Cuck Life

So I'm 62 now. Over the years Men and Women far greater than I have delt with being cheated on. I'm comforted in that knowledge when looking at the remnants of my attempts to attain Love. Chasing what is fleeting.
Lately I've been entertaining eating and licking a woman's pussy with passion while she is being fuck Simultaneously ( Cuck Life🥳). For this is two folds excitement. Having her orgasm on face( the greatest way to sensory recieve) and potentially he as well. Plus all the activity between her and him with me beneath them. Visually and through scent and taste be a part of a sex act is 💯🔥💥👍👌 exhilarating for me !!! I want life now and then🤗 if 's ok😊. So I like the nasty? Is wrong? Now have a man's penis running in and her pussy might get messy! Who knows where the penis plops?? It might be on face! Should I repulse and disrupt the sex fun? Or should I be accommodating the penis and encourage it's release no matter it be her pussy or outside her pussy? He is engaged with us. is clear! Should he be not be afforded a proper release? Hey we all knew this might get messy💚. We all want the feel good. It might be dominance? It might mean Submissive? It might mean just be nasty? Say what you want! Find others can give you the pleasure you need and have fun. I'm the Sub the one licking and eating from both when chemistry is right. How I got this way in next blog. Making Submissive.

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9/12/2019 10:45 am

52 or 62 ?

southernbuster2 47M
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9/12/2019 12:25 pm

Love it!!! Keep licking!!

denkie3 53M
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9/12/2019 1:36 pm

that sounds so fun

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