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Cam Software  

KazperGhost69 52M
1 posts
8/26/2019 12:34 pm
Cam Software

Hey everyone!

I currently have 5 cameras (webcams) around my home and am planning on adding more. I'd like to have some, not professional, but pretty advanced, software to run them and record all.

I'm trying to put together an amateur web show of me and whoever else drops (knowingly and willingly) and just broadcast my day to day life.

"The Truman Show," if Truman was a



P.S. This will be 100% free. I want no for this. I just want to leave my mark on Skynet

KazperGhost69 52M
1 post
8/31/2019 6:00 am

Thanks Toon! I've just downloaded it and will be trying it soon.

Thank you again, and I'll let you know when I'm live online

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