August - Wednesday  

Daddyswicked 46F
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8/14/2019 7:39 pm
August - Wednesday

I’m fed up with the way men disregard me, a woman, as a person.

This week, a man kept calling me pet names. I told him it made me uncomfortable to be called terms of endearment by men I don’t know. Please call me Colleen. I also don’t mind wicked. He kept it up, tired of that shit, I blocked him.

Now I have a guy has messaged me 3 times in a row text him. I have no idea he is. No introduction, no pleasantries. I don’t give my . I told him I wasn’t interested and to please not message me anymore. Right back with the demands to text him.

Why do men not respect women. We are polite, because if we aren’t, we get called bitch or cunt. Yet you can’t respect us enough to respect our wishes.


Daddy’s wicked girl

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8/14/2019 8:24 pm

"No introduction, no pleasantries."

Maybe he took "No novels. or sentences" (from your profile) literally.

Daddyswicked replies on 8/19/2019 4:40 pm:
What does even mean?

redrockrascal 60M
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8/14/2019 8:59 pm

Some people just don't respect others - sad but true.

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