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My New Assistant
Posted:Feb 14, 2020 1:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 1:6 pm

This is a story back a few years when I worked in Atlanta, just starting out in my chosen field.

My assistant retired and damn it was about time the woman was a hundred years old and smelled of ben gay most of the damn time. So, I went to the usual hiring process, young giggling college girls, older motherly types, you know the usual, well then, she walked in the room, fuck she oozed sex from every pore, 40, 5’6” long black hair, blue eyes, beautiful flawless white skin. Not overtly slutty type but understated sexual energy. She was the picture of professionalism, knee-high length skirt, stockings modest 3-inch heels, and a thin turtleneck sweater, with a blazer that matched her skirt. Although the blazer did nothing to hide her big tits and her bra could not keep them from bouncing as she walked. As luck would have it her typing and shorthand skills were excellent.

It seemed every week that went by her attire became more sexual, higher skirts, lower cut blouses, and not to mention the looks we would exchange. This woman was fucking hot, she knew it and I loved her confidence. She would flirt openly, dropping off papers to sign standing close, touching my arm, her tit grazing my shoulder, that sort of thing that told me she loved being close to this big black man.
She loved crossing and uncrossing her legs when she was in my office, always giving me a show of her beautiful toned long legs. Then one day I called her in, closed the door and told her we need to discuss the timetable of our next rollout of the OMS system for our in Austin Texas, and also the need for her to accompany me there to assist.

She sat down and of course, her short skirt rode high on her thighs, I saw a sly smile on her face. She thought she was going to tease me.
I opened the workplan on my computer and told her to move her chair over so she could see better.

I was sitting with my legs spread wide, my cock was already hard looking at her. It created a clear bulge along the inside of my thigh in my slacks. She definitely took notice, I caught her staring and she quickly looked away. Her breath kind of caught in her throat and I looked down and her legs were parted slightly.

I placed one hand on my cock as I was explaining what we were looking at on the screen. She paid no attention except to my dick. I could tell she was turned on because her legs were drifting farther apart. At this point I could see her black panties against her creamy white skin. She noticed me looking and didn't make a move to close her legs.

I said, mmm nice panties Wendy… she laughed a little and said they match my bra, with a sheepish smile. Yet she didn't make any attempt to close her legs. By this time, I was very slowly sliding my hand along my cock and she was watching me, not bothering to make any attempt at playing innocent any longer.

I am not sure if it was a conscious move, but she placed her hand on the inside of her thigh and ran her nails up and down her thigh. Spreading her legs wider. I thought what the fuck and asked her if she liked what she saw.

That kind of opened the flood gates and she whispered; fuck yes Joe I can never take my eyes off that big dick. I know you've caught me looking. I reached down and spread her legs as wide as I could and asked her. Is that pussy wet for me girl? She was still staring at my dick and hoarsely said, oh fuck yes!

I leaned back so I could watch the door and her and told her to show me. She didn't hesitate as she yanked her panties to the side, and I could see her bald cunt glistening. I reached down and ran my finger up her slit. She moaned, ohh goddd Joe let me see that big black dick.

I stood up, walked over to the door, placed my back against it so no one could come in and pulled my big black cock out. I motioned her to come to me and she was on her knees in a second. I slapped her face with my cock and told her to pull her skirt up and get those titties out so I could see them. By this time the bitch was in heat
I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to my dick. She licked and sucked me like the slut she is. Taking my cock in her throat. I wanted to fuck her white cunt so bad, but too many people around to make much noise.

She stroked my cock, looked up at me and said ohhh fuck I love this black cock Joe, so much bigger than my husband... I’ve got to feel it stretch my pussy, please, she begged. I said, no baby not this time just suck me off and I will let you have all this big black dick when we go away to Austin.

She just moaned as she was making love to my dick, sucking licking and stroking it with both hands. Her spit was dripping down between her big tits, coating her hard dark nipples, as I could feel the cum boiling in my nuts. I am going to cum slut, take it, swallow your Black Master’s cum, you .

I guess I didn't pay attention but between stroking me with both hands she was alternating one hand had her fingers deep in her tight wet cunt and, she looked at me and said...Can I cum with you Master Joe? Please....

That sent me over the top and I whispered, cum for me my slut cum for Master now... I blew my load and she was humping her hips into her hand and cumming as she swallowed every drop...

My knees were weak as she was licking every drop off the head. I pulled her up and kissed her deeply, then licked the cum off her fingers, especially around her wedding rings, and she moaned as I sucked her juices from her fingers.

Then we straightened our clothes, went back to the desk and she said when are we leaving? I want that big cock to own your slut, Joe...

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