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Paulxx001 62M
10108 posts
7/24/2019 10:56 am

Six? 🤔
I mean that's the answer I got.
Let me check my calculator again...

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looking4u69ca 58M  
786 posts
7/24/2019 10:59 am

That is not fair. You never mentioned a truck.

benard69 63M/63F  
4386 posts
7/24/2019 11:00 am

What kind of car??? (Smiles)

stillhrnyafteral 57M
36 posts
7/24/2019 11:01 am

definetly the wife, don't like the taste of my cars

peterwillgro 65M
61 posts
7/24/2019 11:03 am

I must be missing something I don't understand the choices

BareTedBear72 47M  
15 posts
7/24/2019 11:13 am

Depends on the gas prices.

INeedSomeFun_ 24M  
13 posts
7/24/2019 11:17 am

Obviously a wife, a car can’t ride me.

gtrider28 62M  

7/24/2019 11:18 am


Bangwiz64 54M
71 posts
7/24/2019 11:25 am

HD ultra classic!

aimtoplease1033 58M
79 posts
7/24/2019 11:25 am

I want Both, because I do not have to choose

binudecpl4u 63M/60F
22 posts
7/24/2019 11:37 am

Diesel, more compression and bigger piston

routerdf220088 60M
48 posts
7/24/2019 11:42 am


daveforyou45 52M
128 posts
7/24/2019 11:46 am


Dom4Sub1962 56M  
21 posts
7/24/2019 11:50 am

Wife as you can't shag a car unless your totally fucked up!

deltaforce32 40M
19 posts
7/24/2019 11:58 am

I have diesel, I love diesel, I chose diesel

Ralph803222 36M
1 post
7/24/2019 11:59 am

😂😂😂 that’s pretty good

luckyhands21 41M
84 posts
7/24/2019 12:03 pm

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS1 454. Sorry sugar if we break up or divorce i can go for a ride and get another woman. The search for that elusive ride was tough. GM wins this one.

WhyNotSee2017 51M  
43 posts
7/24/2019 12:17 pm

Petrol... Unless the ladies dig diesel...

mrsortanice 65M
14 posts
7/24/2019 12:29 pm

Reading comprehension seems to be the clear winner but I'd go for hi-test gasoline darlin'.

harbor112 59M
871 posts
7/24/2019 1:14 pm

Diesel, you get a lot more Bang for the Buck

s2ndegree 60M  
9191 posts
7/24/2019 1:36 pm

I already have a nice car.I'm not sure about everyone else
but if any of them have been here for even as little as
three months.They would already know no one answers
messages.Maybe you should pose the same
question to the women here! I mean
if they're really looking for a guy (s)!

Using more than all the road!

hillcountryman60 60M
57 posts
7/24/2019 1:38 pm

Easy....wife.... you get more mileage and less turn over

MyBaffies 49M
3574 posts
7/24/2019 1:43 pm

Petrol. Or maybe a hybrid.


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lonlyforlove2 76M  
2289 posts
7/24/2019 1:45 pm

A really nice car is easy to get , a wonderful wife not so easy ,

Barrington123123 41M
22 posts
7/24/2019 1:56 pm

The car because i'm not going to get

bbuckwwheat 60M
481 posts
7/24/2019 2:46 pm

The car in Dukes of Hazard was a Dodge Charger.

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Lostent61 43M
28 posts
7/24/2019 3:14 pm

I would go for a wonderful wife, cars come and go but a great woman could be a once in a lifetime thing.

GhostofH 60M
18027 posts
7/24/2019 5:34 pm

I'm ROTFLAMAO! on this one!!! You really got me with this one....

BiggLala 47F  
26501 posts
7/24/2019 6:46 pm

    Quoting  :

Yep! They all just put themselves on women's 'not interested' list.

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BiggLala 47F  
26501 posts
7/24/2019 6:50 pm

And why are some guys always telling us (women) to ask women something equivalent to what we ask men. Why the fuck would I (we) do that? I (we) don't date women, so I don't need to know.

Why can't you post that question on your own blog since you wanna know so bad?

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azriel1970 48M  
25979 posts
7/24/2019 7:25 pm

LOL okay okay this was a good one. I did NOT see that coming. For what it is worth I really would prefer the wonderful wife!

classicalrebel4 64M  
1363 posts
7/24/2019 8:31 pm

I'm not really into cars.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

proteus_2a 53M
7379 posts
7/25/2019 1:32 am

Once I made that choice - chose the car
….then got married - and stayed for 20 years
Now, I'm switching over to bikes - go figure ....

Cheers my lady


bbuckwwheat 60M
481 posts
7/25/2019 8:41 pm

    Quoting  :

I should have also said that without the advantage of seeing either of the cars on a regular basis (daily when I was young), I would not have expected that you would be able to differentiate by only watching a movie.

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borediny2k 57M
37 posts
7/27/2019 12:10 am

Wife, hands down

ohioguy606 72M
249 posts
7/29/2019 11:26 am

Wife gives me a feeling that the car can't..... had one wife and many cars.... the wife is still best after 50 years and I'm driving a corvette.....

curious19330 68M  
59 posts
7/29/2019 7:56 pm

I bought the car to get the girl. The car is long gone but we were together 46 years when she passed.

Bigswigo 22M
17 posts
7/30/2019 12:53 am

Wife wt kind of question is that lol.

Shaftready12 51M  
9 posts
7/30/2019 1:30 pm

An awesome wife for me.

newsubby101 50M
52 posts
7/30/2019 5:14 pm

Definitely wife

nymphwanted2 55M
54 posts
7/31/2019 2:53 pm

a wonderful car is easy to find, a wonderful wife is priceless

thickydicky22 61M
56 posts
8/1/2019 7:42 am

I dont want a wife But I sure could use a truck

easydate__ 55M
45 posts
8/1/2019 7:43 am

No idea.

Lukele99 21M
16 posts
8/1/2019 8:07 pm


steveb471 34M
10 posts
8/1/2019 8:17 pm


Cyrus2525 42M  
14 posts
8/1/2019 11:12 pm

Been married once before so I guess I'll say wife but she not getting my camero lol

702919 70M  
1 post
8/2/2019 10:03 am

married twice, divorced twice, fuck the wife, give me the car!

Lippenbalsam 60M
48 posts
8/2/2019 10:10 pm

Cars never become fat and ugly...

j_in_melb 40M
5 posts
8/3/2019 2:00 am

I'd take the hot wife...

crownquestion77 36M
17 posts
8/3/2019 7:34 pm

Wife for sure. She could buy me the car. JK

sexygeo336 37M
16 posts
8/3/2019 9:53 pm

I'd choose hot wife or sexy husband

CuntHunt0 42M
15 posts
8/4/2019 9:40 am

Wonderful cars bring the wifes... Wonderful wifes can take away cars, house, etc...

Atleast4fun 51M
50 posts
8/6/2019 1:49 am

I guess not her

bill51781 41M
36 posts
8/7/2019 1:05 pm

Id choose the wife as long as she lets me fill her up

easydate__ 55M
45 posts
8/8/2019 7:28 am

If the wife is genuinely compatible. Then the wife. Of course. Right now I'd be happy with either. But I do like being unmarried.

WGA40 51M
56 posts
8/9/2019 8:16 am

loggerhead199 62M  
4 posts
8/9/2019 8:30 am

Depends on the mileage on both.....

Colder1985 34M
64 posts
8/11/2019 11:19 pm


tabooinky 47M
30 posts
8/13/2019 7:47 am

Def a really nice wife

hogknot 53M
770 posts
8/14/2019 5:58 am

If it has tits or tires it will give you problems so I would choose the diesel

jemrdy 54M  
23 posts
8/14/2019 3:14 pm


Flirtyfun42al 42M

8/15/2019 9:11 am

Sad how true this is.... Lol

Dickinsideha 47M
46 posts
8/15/2019 10:19 am

I would still pick the car. But an exotic, like a ferrari or lamborghini. Lol

Dickinsideha 47M
46 posts
8/15/2019 10:20 am

That comment was so true. Great sense of humor! Hilarious..

parmakr62 42M
11 posts
8/15/2019 3:56 pm

A car doesn't have a pussy.

Kel690 20M
8 posts
8/15/2019 8:50 pm

A really nice wife to be honest.

lurch4040 50M
7 posts
8/16/2019 3:50 am

i say both

Cu4fun1975 44M
6 posts
8/16/2019 4:21 am

The wife but only if I could watch when my friends drive her

southend57 57M
14 posts
8/16/2019 6:23 am

Definitely a wonderful wife!

davidlayback58 61M
19 posts
8/16/2019 4:34 pm

I'll take the car. I've had 2 wives and they were both lemons

davidlayback58 61M
19 posts
8/16/2019 4:35 pm

The car, easily fixed when you wreck them in the ass end

_IKanCu2_ 100M
477 posts
8/17/2019 2:12 am

Car ,,, wife vwear*z out.

itsfabulous4her 55M
4 posts
8/17/2019 9:49 am

The wife, but if she comes with a nice car, that would be even better.

Toess10 39M
7 posts
8/17/2019 1:13 pm

Easy, the wife! Now if it were a Fireblade!!!!!

rm_ohcintiguy 49M
2 posts
8/18/2019 3:52 pm

really nice car. i already did the marriage thing.

200910tomorrow 64M
31 posts
8/18/2019 5:49 pm

I'd pick a wonderful wife.

Dallas95002 57M
13 posts
8/18/2019 10:08 pm

Gave up my 69 Camaro many years ago for 69 with a wonderful wife.

No regrets but many miles later, I need more than what she now puts out.

Armyguy678 39M
53 posts
8/19/2019 5:40 am

A really nice wife

wannabmynewfwb 54M
4 posts
8/19/2019 9:40 am

wife... done that so I guess it would be the car.

Someguynow125 44M
61 posts
8/19/2019 2:59 pm

Petrol please.

socalifun1 57M
12 posts
8/20/2019 4:39 am


Psuedoanon 33M
7 posts
8/20/2019 11:30 pm

Wife, but easier to find a car

themick6982 64M
35 posts
8/21/2019 6:27 am

Wife, definitely.

justintosex 56M
367 posts
8/21/2019 10:48 am

    Quoting hogknot:
    If it has tits or tires it will give you problems so I would choose the diesel
lol Great choice made me laugh and diesel smells nice

seth1942 31M
14 posts
8/21/2019 11:51 am

How bout a really nice diesel truck to help pick up a good wife

Coquitman 35M
15 posts
8/21/2019 3:40 pm

Would rather a wonderful girlfriend.

jayanddely2019 47M/23F
11 posts
8/22/2019 7:20 am

Need a vehicle to get a wife lol

Leftie1960 58M
23 posts
8/22/2019 7:11 pm


tazzrochester691 46M
9 posts
8/22/2019 7:44 pm

wife that you can fuck in the car

Livin_my_Life14 49F  
1244 posts
8/22/2019 9:02 pm

Fuck me in the car!! I’m game😘

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